Official release of version 2 of the bitkap mobile application scheduled for November 21, 2021

In order to align with the expectations of its users in terms of functionality, security, ergonomics and speed, the Bitkap team has been working for several months to set up a new version of its application.

This work is nearing completion, and the official release of version 2 is scheduled for November 21, 2021 at 11:59 pm.

Improvements and new features

Bitkap V2 is characterized primarily by new user interfaces, several new features and improvements to old ones.

New currencies

Here we note the introduction of new currencies namely XAF, USD, BTC, ETH, USDT and NGN with associated balances. These are the Crypto and Fiat currencies currently
supported by the electronic wallet.

According to their roadmap, Bitkap is considering adding several other currencies which are mainly cryptocurrencies and national currencies that are prevalent on the African continent.

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Addition of new means of deposits and withdrawals

In addition to the providers of payment solutions already integrated on version 1 (MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money), it is possible to make transactions via the operator Airtel Gabon. And other solutions like Perfect money, Payeer and Moov Africa from Côte d’Ivoire are at the top of the list for the future.

In addition to these electronic payment methods, Bitkap via this new version offers to its users the possibility of making deposits and withdrawals through its partner banks. This feature aims to considerably reduce the platform’s withdrawal fees and to cancel the deposit fees.

Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies

This is one of the special features of this new version. Indeed, it is now possible for users of the platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at Bitkap. These two operations can be done in the various Fiat currencies mentioned and the costs are very attractive.

Integration of KYC (Know Your Customer)

The KYC process is now integrated directly into the mobile app. Future users of this new version are invited to submit to this provision before any form of transaction.

Dynamic notification system

A notification system has been set up to inform users about various activities taking place in their accounts, including connections, transactions, KYC etc …

New security mechanisms

Beyond email notifications on various events related to user accounts, Bitkap V2 gives the option of optionally using the Free OTP or Google Authenticator applications to have an OTP (One Time Password) mechanism. This configuration thus passes the two-factor connection conditions (Two-Factor Authentication) and this in addition to the classic connection mechanism (username + password + pin code).

In addition, a connection history with details on the source is maintained in the advanced administration area of each user’s account and can be viewed by him at any time.

Management of payment methods

The means of payment refer to the numbers, Crypto addresses or bank accounts used for deposit and withdrawal transactions. Another innovation here is the possibility of managing these means of payment. This makes it possible, for example, to avoid confusion in future operations.

Implications for version 1

Bitkap version 1 will remain online with fews features until January 31, 2022 at 11:59 pm .
After this period, the latter will be suspended.

Users of this first version are therefore invited to create an account on the new application (with the same email address as the V1 account) and to submit their KYC.
Following the validation of their profiles, users with positive balances on V1 will automatically see these funds transferred to the new application.

NB: Even after the suspension of Bitkap version 1 service on January 31, 2022, users who respect the migration process described above will see their balances transferred to the new application.

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