Innovative solution for electronic payment, exchange and storage of digital currencies, with a simple and user-friendly interface.


A highly secure authentication system

Adapted to the CEMAC context

Supports all mobile payment methods available in the CEMAC zone (OM, MOMO, etc.)

Simple and efficient

It only takes a few clicks to instantly transfer money to your loved ones

A very beneficial referencing system

During the registration of a new user, we give him the possibility to indicate his sponsor, so that his sponsor will be rewarded according to the activity of his godchild(ren) in the application.

Competitive exchange rate

A simple and synchronized interface in real time allowing to visualize the variations between the xaf and the usd allowing you to choose the right moment to convert your funds into another currency with the greatest profit.

A multi-currency application integrating all payment methods directly in your pocket

Easy to send

Only 4 steps to instantly send money to a loved one from a usd or xaf wallet.

A dedicated and modern platform allowing you to follow your concerns 24/7

Purchase of telecommunications credit

Buy intensively in USD or FCFA telecommunication credit to all mobile telephone operators available in Cameroon

Two-step verification

In addition to a highly secure authentication system, Us brings an additional layer of security thanks to a pin that guarantees us in almost 99.99% of cases that you are the person behind which your transactions have been made or in progress.

How it works ?

Step 1

Install the app from the App Store or Play Store

Step 2

Create an account in two clicks

Step 3

Enjoy the simplicity and all the advantages that Bitkap offers